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Aug. 1, 2022

Rock N' Rollin Blood Sausage with Guy n' J

Rock n' Rollin Blood Sausage! with Guy and J


This week Dave and Liz showcase a very talented musician and his wife and co-manager, Guy Snowdon and Juanita McGowan! We talk about their music, marriage, parenting, career, and cuisine. We hope you enjoy this hilarious, engaging, and inspirational story! 

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Guy Snowdon & Juanita McGowenProfile Photo

Guy Snowdon & Juanita McGowen

Guy and J met in Birmingham UK. We were married July 4, 2014 in Washington DC which was covered in the Washington Post - https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/a-brit-and-an-american-celebrate-july-fourth-with-a-jefferson-memorial-wedding/2014/07/24/9a6eca32-110d-11e4-98ee-daea85133bc9_story.html

Our daughter, Sadie was born a year later in Birmingham. Guy quit his job at Roland to be a full-time Dad. A year after that they all relocated to Cleveland Ohio when J was offered a transfer with her employer. She works in marketing at Parker Hannifin. She is currently studying for her Bachelor’s in marketing via the University of Arizona. Guy is a musician, vocalist and voice over artist. His latest project is Guy Snowdon & The Citizens - an original rock band of which J helps as manager, alongside David Spero, with publicity, and booking.

Guy and J enjoy traveling often back to England to visit family, gardening, cooking, watching geeky sci-fi like Star Trek, Star Wars and Marvel.

We have 4 cats.