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Dave and Liz are so great! I was a guest on their show and they bounce off each other so well and the jokes every now and again are hilarious. Highly recommend.

Great show with wonderful hosts

Dave and Liz are amazing, energetic, and just seem like kind people who you’d just want to get a beer with! They have a lot of different kind of guests which is cool to learn about different people and topics.

Quality conversation

When it’s just Dave and Liz, the show is very colloquial and entertaining. When they have a guest, they are amazing hosts who highlight their guest. This is just an overall great show with some of the best conversation out there!

You learn something new everyone 😀

I thought Emory was brave to get out of that cult! There’s many victims that get hunted down and brought back! God Bless you Emory!


I listen to it everyday to and from work, I love it and always look forward to the next episode

A conversation, not a marriage podcast

This podcast is fantastic. I am an an avid podcast listener, and this one of my favorites! Dave and Liz are lovely and they have fascinating guests on regularly! Only wish the episodes were longer!

great podcast!

this podcast has a lot of variety when it comes to topics! great to listen to work doing work around the house or have spare time at work😁 great conversations and lots of laughs!