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Angel C. Miller


As a Metaphysical Minister, among many other titles, I position myself as the door opener for others to journey into themself; providing that they choose their capability to recognize, accept, let go of or restructure all repeated patterns that are not purposeful to them living a naturally manifested life on earth.

I will always hold steady to the knowledge within SELF, Universal Alignment, Spiritual Laws, Natural Manifestation and Theocentric Wisdom. Through personal intellect and intuitive guidance of each modality and all that they resonate with; my focus is interpreting outside of the ego to enhance health, happiness and healing.

Through the modalities of Self Embrace Ministries, my aim is to provide guidance for the individual who knows that they have a more expansive purpose within themselves to bring forth and live a more fulfilling earthly journey. Maintaining a lifestyle in this manner, also known as the Theocentric Way of Life, does not prove to treat or cure any condition physical, mental or emotional.

You are solely responsible for the decisions that you make in your life. We believe that you are already your best self. This is why I offer a full plan of action to continue within your lifestyle experience with ease. There is a strong foundation of balance and respect of self, which is shared throughout all of the modalities practiced under Self Embrace Ministries. Whatever the religious backing you have, Self Embrace Ministries welcomes you all.

People Change Everyday
July 11, 2022

People Change Everyday

People Change Everyday This week Dave and Liz are joined by guest Angel Miller who started Self Embrace Ministries. Angel tells us about why she began Self Embrace Ministries and the philosophy she is sharing with others. The...

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